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Mission 001-Energon anyone?
Mission 001
The moment he had gotten to his pedes, Innocence knew that something was off. He felt considerably lighter than usual; the usual heaviness that comes with carrying emergency supplies and weapons gone. A quick scan showed that most of his things, his guns in particular were missing. In addition to that, his EMP generator was disabled. It was locked by an outside source and Innocence knew he could not attempt to undo the damage on his own.
Weapon less and very much vulnerable, it was only right that he occupy the furthest back of the room. Away from the crowd and the mono-optic mech who was standing on the platform.
The mech was known as Shockwave, Guardian of Cybertron. Innocence mentally cursed when the Guardian had calmly confessed in confiscating their weapons, including the hidden ones. Weapons, or upgrades that are considered 'dangerous' were locked and only him (and another mech called Soundwave) could undo it.
The look on everyone's face ranged from stunned to murdero
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Innocence by NoMistakesJustLies Innocence :iconnomistakesjustlies:NoMistakesJustLies 5 5
Old Game New Rules
Old Game, New Rules
Of all the things he expected from since the announcement, THIS was not one of them.
"I don't believe this..." Innocence usual cheeriness was gone, replaced with barely concealed annoyance and shock. Around him, mechs and femmes were furiously whispering to each other. Their expression ranged from confusion, shock, anger and disbelief.
The rec. room was crowded as it was everyday but instead of the usual rowdiness one should expect, there was nothing but mute silence sans the quiet (unhappy) murmurs and growls. Demolisher sat across Innocence whose attention was solely on the data-pad in his hold.
"Harsh, isn't it?" Calmly sipping his energon, Demolisher regarded his fellow medical officer in amusement, "Don't worry, I won't report you if you start bad-mouthing about the commanders or at me for that matter."
"I'll keep that in mind," Innocence could feel the tension in the room growing but he chose to ignored it. The data-pad in his servos was of great
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Mission 02 Part 1 2010
Mission 02 26-2-10
Part One – To waste or not to waste?
"Don't you find it unusual that there is not a bolt of Autobots in sight?" Innocence kept track of the Decepticon laying waste on the city (or what was left of it). A familiar black and purple seeker shot overhead, firing lasers at dangerously unbalanced building.
Chunks of metal and concrete gave way, falling onto the ground and crushing the organics fleeing about. Innocence zoomed in at a particular large piece of rubble. He watched a female human desperately trying to move a rock twice her size off a male human. She was either dense or in denial to the present condition of her mate since the trapped human had expired kliks ago. Red fluid slowly spread out from the body, coating the female's footwear.
The female screamed and pushed at the wreckage even harder than before. It didn't budge and Innocence decided to stop watching her. Her action was selfless but foolish in his opinion.  
Instead, he counted the number
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Mission 01-2010
Innocence couldn't help but wonder if the directions given to him were part of a 'Hey-let's-harass-the-newcomers' ritual. The mech, a seeker with a purple and black paintjob, looked like the type to do that; not to mention, he looked a tad suspicious when he handed over the data-pad that was supposedly help him find his way.
Innocence's processor replayed the event that took place a while ago.
("Hi! You're new here, aren't you?")
("Well, yes and –,")
("Great! It's always fun to have new recruits. Which division are you in? You're definitely not a seeker so....,")
("The medical division, I'll be working under Demolisher.")
(Ohh...that's even better!")
("I beg your pardon?")
("'warp, stop it. Just let him go.")
("....ffiinnee. You're no fun, TC")
("I'm sorry for interrupting but do you know where the med-bay is?")
("The med-bay? It's just-! 'Warp! What the frag!?")
("Shh! Be quiet!" "'Warp, I'm warning yo
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Original Character : Innocence
Designation: Innocence
Gender: Male (M)
(Current) Faction: Decepticon
Function: Medic/Tactician
Squad: Medic
Alt. Mode: Lamborghini Reventon
Choice of Weapon: Dual blasters and a short energy blade
Side weapons: A handful of flash explosives
Extras: Med-tools and a seemingly endless supply of energon goodies.
-Wholly white from helm to pedes
-Blue stripes are along the side of his legs, darker blue along the side of his audio receptor
-The helm resembles that of Prime's (the receptors on the side are sharper and a little longer though)
-A battle mask that slides down to protect his face from bright flashes, shrapnel and even punches.
-Capable of generating a force field strong enough to withstand any type of attacks (A direct blast from Megatron's fusion cannon is untested though but Innocence is in no hurry to find out)
-Extremely agile and quick on his pedes
-Unleash a sonic pulse that short circuits out internal systems but it's only used when he
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Me, an artist? Nah
Current Residence: The furthest part of your mind...
Favourite genre of music: Synthpop, rock, techno, etc
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime! Sebastian Michealis! And moar
Personal Quote: Don't live like you've got forever, live like you have seconds
>>Innocence's Data-pad<<

>Profile : [nomistakesjustlies.deviantart.…
>Class : Medic
>Rank : Pit Slag (1.1)

>>Battle Stars<<

INT: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
STR: :star: :star:
SPE: :star: :star:
DEF: :star: :star:

>>>Missions: N/A

For :icondecepticon-nation:



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